Stuff the internet says about data for October 19th - October 26th, 2014

This week has been a very eventful week in the data space. Google is scoping up Firebase and two UK based machine learning companies. We guess that these mergers and acquisitions are just the tip of the iceberg on what to come over the next few years. This week also a professor wrote a quite nice summary of the littereature about Facebooks data architecture and how they scale their peta sized data-sets. Very interesing read +++

This weeks stories and links:


15 timeless data science articles #bigdata

Replaces Oracle with Cassandra to handle a 600% increase in data at an eighth of the price #nosql

@astensby has been on a little roadshow presenting Neo4j. (Slides in Norwegian)

New Book on Time Series @DataScienceCtrl #nosql

Switching From MongoDB to Neo4j: #nosql

Using Cassandra as a queue (not recommended):

Firebase is Joining Google!

How Facebook tiers their #BIGData storage and more... via @muratdemirbas


RT @analyticbridge: Why Zipf's law explains so many #bigdata and physics phenomena:

Model Selection Tips From Competitive Machine Learning #bigdata

LinkedIn and Twitter Contribute Machine Learning Libraries to Open Source

5 Reasons Organizations Use Hadoop

Musicians Play Moneyball: #BigData Revolutionizes Another Industry via @Forbes

Hortonworks adds object storage and spiffier query language to Hadoop #bigdata

Google buys two more UK artificial intelligence startups


The Variable Tree: Anatomy of an Emerging Knowledge Network: The Zapnito Graph Vizualized:

25 Maps that describe america: #visualization

Small multiple maps using d3 #visualization


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