Stuff the internet says about data for October 1st - October 10th, 2014

The last week has seen some less interesting news in the data space, but some quite interesting reads. Here are the highlights:


@infoworld Couchbase readies next-generation NoSQL storage engine

@tylerhannan Write it like Riak; Query it Like SOLR:

OK, I Give Up! Unstructured Wins!

@infoworld Couchbase readies next-generation NoSQL storage engine

@foundsays Vitus Elasticsearch Web Integration


@DataScienceCtrl Checking out "Hadoop is Dead. DataFlow is Alive!" on Data Science Central:

@DZone We asked, you answered: 46% of respondents use 1-4 nodes in data processing clusters

SQL for #Elasticsearch

@erogol Brief History of Machine Learning by

@nytimesbits G.E. Opens Its Big Data Platform

@kzk_mover This caught my attention: "We have a 10 petabyte data warehouse on S3"


@airpair Top 10 mistakes #angularjs developers make:

@airpair #AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000 Word Guide http://www.Airpair.Com/Angularjs

@grafana Open source, rich metrics dashboard & graph editor for Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB

@data_nerd Data scientists is not only about modelling, it is about delivering value!

@MaytechNet How Spotify Used #BigData to Change the Music Industry

@YourStoryCo When human and analytics mix; how Big Data can help with Big Decisions

Why Big Data Missed the Early Warning Signs of Ebola


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