Stuff the internet says about data for October 26th - November 23rd, 2014

There have been some quite interesting articles published in November in the data space. I would definitely highlight the Ford story if you were interested in good cases and implementation strategies for how to make your company a data champion. On the technical side Neo4J is continuing to make its mark and new applications seem to pop up every day or two.

Methods and strategy

How Ford Uses Data Science: Past, Present and Future #bigdata

Forget '#BigData.' Beware 'Little Data' -- and the Horrors of TMI (Some truth in this)


Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis for Movie Reviews using @neo4j

The eBay Secret to Database Scaling #nosql #mongodb

RT @neo4j: Great presentation @GitHub Event Archive import to Neo4j by @ikwattro,

Why I love databases: #nosql

Great read: Data replication in #nosql databases explained:

The Netflix Tech Blog: Introducing Dynomite - Making Non-Distributed Databases, Distributed: #nosql

Why your old SAN does not scale : via @infoworld #bigdata

Review: Connect your data better with @Neo4j via @infoworld

Sharding Pitfalls Part III: Chunk Balancing and Collection Limits #nosql

RT @databasetube: Comparing Riak & Cassandra NoSQL Databases #nosql #database


Understand Your Problem and Get Better Results Using Exploratory Data Analysis #bigdata

Google Mines Gmail for #BigData Gold

Hadoop Vendor Hortonworks Has Filed For an IPO #bigdata

Start with Good Science on Good Data, Then we'll Talk #BigData

An Introduction to Minimum Viable Architecture via @InfoQ

Big Data Survey: Trouble Brewing For IT via @yeomantechnolog

Flafka: Apache Flume Meets Apache Kafka for Event Processing #bigdata

Sentiment analysis is largely meaningless. These firms (and Watson) are trying to change that. #bigdata

Meaning of: Using Apache Spark and Neo4j for #BigData Graph Analytics:

@buffer’s New Data Architecture: Analyze 500 Million Records in Seconds

ElasticSearch and Apache Spark integration: via @sloanahrens

Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing in the Era of #BigData


The One Language A Data Scientist Must Master #bigdata

Ebola and #bigdata waiting on hold

Maps of most unusual sort: #visualization

When Our Brain Uses Big Data to Overfit Theories

Visualised: how Ebola compares to other infectious diseases via @wordpressdotcom


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