Stuff the internet says about data for March 1st - April 1st, 2015

Here is this month's reading list!


RT @MaxCRoser: From 10 Million Dollar to 9 cents! The price of 1GB Hard Drive since 1950 (Source:

Cassandra 101 : Understanding what is Cassandra #persistence

#NoSQL and the responsibility shift #persistence

Storing billions of rows in Sharded-Redis and HBase per Month #persistence

Turning the database inside-out with Apache Samza #nosql

Almost forgot to mention. Hbase 1.0 #nosql


A @Neo4J tool that translates words and relations into network graphs #visualization

Risk and reward: #BigData in insurance:

Analyzing BitCoin Network Transactions with Neo4j


Hadoop ignited a "Cambrian explosion," says its creator @mjasay (But Spark is not a stream only tool)

Reactive Machine Learning #bigdata #processing

Deep Learning vs Machine Learning vs Pattern Recognition

Reactive Machine Learning #processing

Life Lessons from Machine Learning #processing

Applying Machine Learning to Peer to Peer Lending #processing

In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm #processing

LMAX Exchange and the Zing JVM by @AzulSystems #processing

PredictionIO launches new analysis suit #processing

Paxos made simple #processing

Azure Search is now Generally Available #Processing

Streaming Big Data: Storm, Spark and Samza #processing

Hadoop Creator: If You Want To Succeed With #BigData, Start Small

The emergence of Spark

Putting Apache Kafka To Use: A Practical Guide to Building a Stream Data Platform (Part 2) data-for-february-1-march-1-2015/) #bigdata

Running Kafka At Scale #bigdata


RT @Sve_Sic: #Analytics and information management roles rise and fall


Spotify Helios in a nutshell:

RT @donrelyea: Creative Computation Daily is out! Stories via @MonokkelAS @johanpra @clippingexpres1

So, what’s your Data Strategy?

@foundsays acquired by @elastic Quite interesting news!


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